SAPPE CEO wins ‘Best CEO’ prize from IAA Awards for listed Companies 2022-2023

SAPPE CEO wins ‘Best CEO’ prize from IAA Awards for listed Companies 2022-2023

SAPPE CEO wins ‘Best CEO’ prize from IAA Awards for listed Companies 2022-2023

SAPPE CEO, Ms. Piyajit Ruckariyapong, has been recognized for her outstanding work and vibrant leadership that led to the latest award, ‘Best CEO’ in the agriculture and food industry sector at the IAA Awards for Listed Companies 2022-2023, organized by the Investment Analysts Association. The award event aims to honor and praise the chief executives of listed companies who excel in management and lead the organizations to success and sustainable growth along with creating added value for the shareholders through coordination with the investment analysts, resulting in various quality analysis from the analysts to the investors. The award was presented by Mr. Paiboon Nalinthrangkurn (right), President of the Investment Analysts Association, and Mr.Sombat Narawuthichai (left), the secretary-general and director of IAA congratulated SAPPE CEO for winning the award.

Sappe Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Piyajit Ruckariyapong, thanked the Investment Analysts Association, the securities company analysts, the analysts and the fund managers of asset management companies, and the investors who recognize a determination and sincerity of SAPPE players in making the excellent performance to build SAPPE brand to be endorsed both in Thailand and international stage.

“Apart from placing importance to all stakeholders throughout the value chain, we also give the top priority to good governance, ethics, and transparent disclosure of information in order to provide comprehensive and accurate information. This will help the analysts as well as the investors to use the information for maximum benefit”, Ms. Piyajit said.

Investment Analyst Association President, Mr. Paiboon Nalinthrangkurn, said the awards given to the best chief executive officers today has reflected the investment analyst’s confidence and point of view toward the chief executives in the listed company network.

“It indicates who is the best Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Investor Relations (IR) in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The selection was conducted transparently, so we are proud of every organization, and congratulations to all winners” Mr. Paiboon said.

The IAA Secretary-General and Director, Mr. Sombat Narawuthichai, said the IAA Awards for Listed Companies had been held since 2009 and continue until present with an aim to lift the capital market for sustainable growth. The executives of listed companies, including CEO, CFO and IR who work with the analysts are crucial because they provide various information for the analysts who bring the information to write pieces of analysis and forward to the investors in the institutions and retail investors.

“The analysts who participate in today’s vote know better than anyone which CEO, CFO, and IR is the best because they visited and closely monitored each listed company daily, followed all news articles, and asked questions. They followed to see whether those executives of listed companies can carry out their work in line with the goals and commitments pledged to the investors. The voting process was conducted under rigid criteria’, he said.