Business Overview

Sappe’s business perspective

Sappe PCL or SAPPE is well-recognized as the leader of innovative drinks and pioneer of functional drinks in Thailand. Sappe has been running business with its determination that “We better people’s lives through our innovative spirit.” The company applies innovations to drive the business creatively in order to produce innovative products and efficient administration. Sappe’s core DNA “Creative, Dynamic, Fun” has been perfectly demonstrated through its products and corporate culture.

Currently, Sappe has 5 categories created by Sappe players and business partners. Beverage products from Sappe have been among the leaders in the functional drink market for over a decade with various refreshments for consumers. Some drinks are made from Thai agricultural products, including Mogu Mogu, Sappe Aloe Vera and All Coco. Sappe’s products are being distributed in 100 countries worldwide with a strong will to build Sappe to become a global brand.