Dividend Policy

          The Company has established the dividend payment policy for the shareholders not less than 40% of the net profit, from the separate financial statements, after corporate income tax and all legal reserves. However, each dividend payment may be subject to change due to various factors to maximize benefits of shareholders, such as performance, financial status, liquidity, cash flow, working capital requirement, investment plans, terms and conditions in various contracts the Company is bound, legal restrictions, other needs and suitability in the future as the Board of Directors may deem suitable. The dividend payment must not entail any significant impact on the Company’s normal operations. The Company proposes a resolution of the dividend payment the Board of Directors, and an approval will be sought at the shareholders’ meeting, except the interim dividend payment which the Board of Directors has the authority to approve when it agrees that the Company had sufficient profits to do so, and then the Board reports a resolution at the next shareholders’ meeting.