SAPPE announces major rebranding of “Sappe Beauti” to retain top spot in functional drink market, introduces TVC to promote beauty equality under “Suay Rao Mai Tong Suay Krai” campaign

SAPPE announces major rebranding of “Sappe Beauti” to retain top spot in functional drink market, introduces TVC to promote beauty equality under “Suay Rao Mai Tong Suay Krai” campaign

SAPPE announces major rebranding of “Sappe Beauti” to retain top spot in functional drink market, introduces TVC to promote beauty equality under “Suay Rao Mai Tong Suay Krai” campaign

Sappe Public Company Limited or SAPPE, Thailand’s functional drink leader, has made a move to retain its top place in the market by announcing its notable rebranding of “Sappe Beauti”. The rebranding came with a touching TVC to promote equal beauty through the campaign “Suay Rao Mai Tong Suay Krai” (Beauty through our eyes, not other people’s). The company invited a world-class product design champion to participate in designing new labels to hit the hearts of Gen Z. This change was made to emphasize SAPPE’s position as the top brand in functional drinks in Thailand that truly understands the consumers and value of all beauty. SAPPE expects the rebranding will help push the sale of Sappe Beauti to grow over 20%.

SAPPE CEO Ms. Piyajit Ruckariyapong said the overall functional drink market in 2023 was worth around 7 billion baht with the casual healthy drink category about 1.3 billion baht, growing approximately 1% while the growth in the first two months of 2024 was 3%, so, it is expected that the rebranding of Sappe Beauti will help spice up and enliven the market. In addition, the climate change and El Nino have made the weather hotter making people tend to drink refreshing and beneficial beverages more to ease their thirst, particularly healthy and functional drinks, as they are not only able to respond to health needs but also meet the lifestyle of the active new generation.

For 18 years, Sappe Beauti Drink, Thailand’s first functional drink, has been standing tall with its strong point as an innovative beverage with abundance of health benefits to meet various needs of the consumers. A sugar free, delicious and effective drink, Sappe Beauti Drink is put in creative packaging that reflects the consumers’ lifestyle. The company has been developing new formulas constantly, making Sappe Beauti Drink retain its place as the “functional drink leader” until now.

To emphasize its stance as a healthy and beauty beverage which understands the consumers, SAPPE has officially announced major “Rebranding” and the new brand will be called “Sappe Beauti” to prepare for an expansion of beauty lines in various forms which are not just drinks in the future. The change aims to target the new generation. The beginning of this concept came from the changing trends among consumers, such as various needs and awareness of beauty standards which are no longer the same. Beauty does not refer to white skin, slimming or being beautiful like certain people, but beauty can be any way as every beauty has its own value.

As Sappe Beauti truly understands this issue, it decided to launch the campaign “Suay Rao Mai Tong Suay Krai”, expressing the brand’s position to promote self-love and equality.  

“The Rejected Casts” is the key project that values all beauty under the “Suay Rao Mai Tong Suay Krai” campaign, eliminating the beauty values in the beauty circle by giving chances to those who had been rejected in casting process as their beauty did not meet the so-called “beauty standards”, to represent “beauty” under the “Sappe Beauti” brand. The project will be communicated through television commercials directed by renowned film director Pen-ek ‘Tom’ Ratanaruang who has a good understanding about casting calls and auditions. The stories from seven casts representing Gen Z in diverse genders will be narrated in the TV commercials which include interviews about their experiences of being rejected in casting for commercials due to their shapes, skin colors and faces. SAPPE CEO Piyajit will later give the answer as the representative of the brand which believes that “beauty is diversity”, so, the brand brought them to be part of its commercials playing representatives of beauty which is unnecessary to compare with anyone. The commercials under this project will be advertised on billboards nationwide. This is a new form of announcement of beauty stance for the brand, known as a leader of beauty in Thailand, with an aim to make change in the industry and society. SAPPE also expects to elevate beauty, encourage teenagers to have self-confidence and that everyone can be equally beautiful in their own versions.

The SAPPE CEO added that “we understand the new generation consumers, who prioritize equality, do not allow anyone to judge or define them and value them for who they are, therefore, we adjusted our communication by conveying a message through “Sappe Beauti”, a product which represents beauty in order to reach and be able to stand beside the social and global changes. We communicate with the “Suay Rao Mai Tong Suay Krai” campaign through the TVC created from experiences of the young generation who had been judged by society and we choose to value them. We design the new bottle labels to catch more Gen Z, conducting surveys to hear the consumers’ voices for further development of the product and we have a famous designer, Somchana Kangwarnjit, owner of Prompt Design studio who has won a number of awards globally, to design new labels for the four formulas of “Sappe Beauti” under the “Embrace Yourself” concept.

To elaborate the concept, flowers that represent self-love have been used as important elements in the design. The Sappe Beauti Collaskin formula in pink bottle is covered by label with carnations which are a symbol of pure love while the S-lim formula in light green bottle describes tendering love with lilies. The Beautitox formula in dark green bottle expresses a supportive love with sunflowers and the Beauti Eyes formula uses Chrysanthemums as symbol of joyful and lively love. Each bottle has pictures of people with diversity of figures, genders, and skin colors on the label. It is considered as a communication of a new image that highlights a selling point of each formula in accordance with the campaign.

SAPPE believes that the label redesign will impress the new generation who look for products which decently reflect their identity and living outlook. The four formulas in four labels are now available at all branches of 7-11 convenient stores and regular stores nationwide at 20 baht per bottle. You can also make an online order at Line:@sappeonline, Shopee: Sappe Official Store, Facebook: Sappe Beauti Drink and Tiktok: Sappeonline. It is expected to help boost the sales of Sappe Beauti this year to grow more than 20% from both the current consumers and the new group of consumers who admire the design and communication that strike a chord with everyone.

“This ‘Rebranding’ is an official statement that ‘Sappe Beauti’ will be with the new Gen who places importance on sincerity, responsibility, creativity, and equality. Being a leader of beauty beverages for a long time has proven that we were not born to be the fashion drink in any particular era, but we are ready to adapt and always move along with the world. We hope the consumers will enjoy the new labels and TVC and be able to be part of our intention to create new and equal beauty standards through all SAPPE’s communication channels”, Ms. Piyajit said.