Investor FAQ

1. What is SAPPE’s business goal?

          Build ‘SAPPE’, a Thai brand to become the global brand with the determination “We better people’s lives through our innovative spirit.” We bring innovation to drive the organization to carry out the business creatively, energetically, and full of fun to convey through SAPPE products and corporate culture.

2. What is ‘New S-Curve’ to make SAPPE grow sustainably and exponentially like last year?

          We maintain the goal to push a ‘Thai Brand’ to achieve sustainable growth to become a ‘Global Brand’ and it must be our flagship drink, ‘Mogu Mogu’ to make it happen. With a current production capacity that remains insufficient for demand, we need to increase production capacity significantly to supply products to the global market. In addition, we plan to expand the production continually and conduct a feasibility study to manufacture Mogu Mogu abroad. We have invested in other brands in addition to Mogu Mogu as we believe those house brands can become ‘Global Brands’ like Mogu Mogu.

3. Environment and Plastic packaging

          SAPPE is committed to caring for the environment. We have special teams to oversee various projects and conduct a study about recycled packages as we prioritize environmental preservation. Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration has issued the notification of Ministry of Public Health No. 435, B.E. 2565 (2022) to permit the use of recycled plastic. 


4. What is Erythritol?

          Erythritol, widely known as a sugar alcohol, is the sweetener used in drinks, in which the research found could put consumers at risk of heart attack and stroke. SAPPE prioritizes the consumers’ safety, so Erythritol is used in our drinks in small amounts, and in line with the dose