SAPPE sets to cater to ‘Silver Age’ group to strengthen portfolio Introducing ‘SAPPE Inyang X Hua Chiew’ dietary supplement made of traditional Chinese herbs

SAPPE sets to cater to ‘Silver Age’ group to strengthen portfolio Introducing ‘SAPPE Inyang X Hua Chiew’ dietary supplement made of traditional Chinese herbs

SAPPE sets to cater to ‘Silver Age’ group to strengthen portfolio Introducing ‘SAPPE Inyang X Hua Chiew’ dietary supplement made of traditional Chinese herbs

SAPPE Public Company Limited (SAPPE) joins hand with Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, a highly respected institution with expertise in Chinese traditional medicine in Thailand, to launch dietary supplements produced from Chinese herbs known as “SAPPE Inyang X Hua Chiew” in “refreshing formula” (in red box) suitable for those who sleep late, work hard with little rest, and “calming formula” (in blue box) for those who tend to worry and having difficulty sleeping, to help adjust mood, reduce stress and harmonize the physical balance according to the traditional Chinese medicine doctrine. Thus, SAPPE becomes the pioneer in Thailand in introducing a new product group based on invaluable traditional Chinese herbal medicine, in the form of ready-to-consume tablets packed in easy-to-carry sachets, suitable for today’s lifestyle, targeting the well-off “Silver Age” group, or the well-to-do seniors, with the goal to strengthen the product portfolio.


Ms Piyajit Ruckariyapong, Chief Executive Officer of SAPPE Public Company Limited (SAPPE), said that today, the worldwide demand for dietary supplements and vitamins is on the increase with continuous and rapid growth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has driven the people to take better care of their health. Also, the fact that many countries around the world, especially Thailand, are fast becoming aging societies, has led more consumers to pay closer attention to their bodies’ immune system. Significantly, the demand for products made from natural ingredients and herbs is on the increase in the world market, leading to the boom in the use of herbs and products containing herbs as raw materials in the forms of food, beverages, medicines, dietary supplements, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine has been popular for a long time because this is a branch of knowledge with a philosophy deep-rooted in nature, which does not focus only on curing diseases, but also to help prevent and reduce abnormalities that are the side effects of diseases. Thus, Chinese medicine has become widely accepted in many countries.


SAPPE, a company that focuses on developing innovative products to help improve the people’s quality of life, sees the value of traditional Chinese medicine with high quality formulas and high effectiveness in restoring and maintaining health. However, the limitations of formulating procedures and the complicated preparations before being ready for consumption have become inconvenient to the lifestyle of people in modern societies. Therefore, the Company has cooperated with Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, an institute that specializes in Chinese health science and innovations, to innovate and develop formulas from Chinese medicine that have been passed on for more than 10 centuries until arriving at dietary supplement products derived from Chinese herbs under the “Sappe Inyang X Hua Chiew” brand in two formulas under brand concept – Ancient Chinese medicine for the new era that are safe, reliable, and helping to regulate the body’s Yin/Yang balance, to facilitate sustainable well-being for all Thai people. The Company is thus regarded as the pioneer of the new form of Chinese medicinal products in Thailand, bringing convenient accessibility to Chinese herbs that would otherwise be difficult to take. These products come in the form of tablets packed in ready-to-carry sachets, making them convenient for daily consumption – another brand that will help to strengthen SAPPE’s product portfolio.


Associate Prof. Dr. Uraipan Janvanichyanont, President of Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, said, “Huachiew Chalermprakiet University is a leading institution for Chinese Studies and Health Sciences, with high expertise in traditional Chinese medicine so much so that it  has been recognized in Thailand for a long time. I am pleased to be jointly developing these current new products with SAPPE, because it is a leading company in the beverage and food industry and having high expertise in the production and development of innovative and high quality products. Therefore, I am confident that the launch of these new products for the first time in Thailand, will help promote the quality of life of the people today, both the elderly and the working age. I consider this to be a truly professional offering of ancient Chinese medicine wisdom to the people of the present generation.”


Professor of Chinese Medicine Weerachai Suthithanthawat, Lecturer at the Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine, added that traditional Chinese medicine is an alternative branch of medicine that relies on nature with no chemicals involved. The use of Chinese herbs can help reduce the side effects of the diseases because they contain only a variety of plant-derived ingredients and minerals. However, the access to herbal medicines or Chinese herbal supplements still has many limitations that include the complicated preparation methods of Chinese herbal medicines, and the taking of Chinese herbal medicines by patients that may be unpleasant due to smell and taste. Also significant in the past was the worry about consumers’ safety. Currently, there have been attempts to develop Chinese herbs together with modern medicine to exploit the strengths of Chinese herbs to increase the efficiency of treatments. And now this is the first time that Chinese herbs have been developed into a convenient dietary supplement form suitable for the lifestyle of the people today. Both new products have been formulated from natural ingredients without steroids, and without residuals. They have also been properly approved as food supplements by the Food and Drugs Administration. At the same time, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University holds the license to the herbs used in the formulas while SAPPE Plc is the owner of the patent on the product formulas. Therefore, the consumers can be confident that these dietary supplements made from Chinese herbs are of high quality, effective and absolutely safe.


Ms Piyajit, SAPPE CEO, added: “‘SAPPE Inyang X Hua Chiew’ Chinese herbal dietary supplements, are designed to make Chinese herbs as accessible as possible to people of today’s generation. Two formulas are available: ‘Refreshing’ formula (red box) has been formulated to enhance energy, to refresh the body to allow effective work and life – suitable for those who sleep late, work hard with little rest. The price is 1,200 baht per box; and ‘Calming’ formula (blue box) effective in helping to adjust mood, reduce stress and aid deep sleep – suitable for those who tend to worry and having difficulty sleeping. The price is 1,600 baht per box. The supplements are in the form of tablets contained in sachets. The dosage is one sachet per day to be taken regularly, to help adjust the balance in the body according to the traditional Chinese medicine doctrine. The main target group of these products are focused on the ‘Silver Age’ group (well-off seniors), and working people who care about their health. This is because people in this age group still possess a lot of energy and so would seek out dietary supplements or herbal products to help promote a full and productive daily life.”


“SAPPE Inyang X Hua Chiew” can be purchased at pharmacies and online channels such as Facebook: เซ็ปเป้ อินหยาง, LINE: @sappeonline and Shopee: Sappe Official Store.