SAPPE x Dek-D creates phenomenon with new items for Gen Z to handle pain point, boost energy and lift mood

SAPPE x Dek-D creates phenomenon with new items for Gen Z to handle pain point, boost energy and lift mood

SAPPE x Dek-D creates phenomenon with new items for Gen Z to handle pain point, boost energy and lift mood

Sappe Public Company Limited (SAPPE) teams up with Dek-D Interactive Company Limited, known as Dek-D, to introduce new items, aromatic herbs ‘Sood Sud’ and ‘Limitless’ lozenge for Gen Z consumers. The two products from this major collaboration were introduced to help address pain point, boost energy and create a relaxed mood among students. SAPPE and Dek-D set a sales target of 100 million baht in the first year.

SAPPE Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Piyajit Ruckariyapong, said consumer groups have been changing rapidly, and it is found that they have different needs and living goals, judging from behaviors of consumers in each generation. This has made SAPPE, as a drink and innovative food manufacturer with an aim to improve consumers’ living condition, keep catching up and adjusting to the changes in order to meet the needs of target groups particularly Gen-Z, who love exploring new things and are highly influenced by social media. The Gen-Z consumers also prefer quality items and making decisions to buy products based on package designs that meet their lifestyles. This group will soon become the main spender in the world of online marketing and a driving force of social changes.

To keep pace with this trend, SAPPE has collaborated with, a leading media outlet for a new generation, to launch two products, Sood Sud herbal inhaler and Limitless lozenge, to solve pain point among students, add energy and create a relaxed mood. The collaboration is regarded as a new phenomenon and it is the first time for Dek-D Interactive Co., Ltd, or, a leading online media outlet for teenagers and students which offers educational contents, novels and online communities, to join force with SAPPE, a leader in the functional drink market. The partnership is an expansion of product portfolios for both SAPPE and Dek-D in producing Thailand’s new items exclusively for the Gen Z people.

The SAPPE CEO added the overall inhaler market is worth 4,500 million baht per year and it is dubbed as a must-have item. Despite low competition in the inhaler market, challenges still remain for marketing. In Thailand, inhalers and aromatic herbs have been popular among teenagers for a long time, and these relaxing scented items are considered must-have pieces that teenagers always carry them. Thus, SAPPE and Dek-D jointly created the new aromatic herbal product in three scents with three styles under the Sood Sud brand.

The product was inspired by an idea to offer the young generation a better choice to relieve stress and to live their life comfortably with no harm to earth, due to a reduction in plastic packaging in production. Additionally, the item was made from the output of the Puech-udom women’s group, a community enterprise, in Lamlukka district, Pathum Thani province, to generate maximum income to the community. This is a bridge that connects the world, society, new generation and art. The first collection comes under paintings from, created by an impressionism artist, whose paintings depict colorful flowers, meadows, forests and mountains liked by Gen Z, who designed the packages reflecting fragrances in three seasons: summer, spring and winter.

The Summer collection offers a refreshing scent of lemon and citrus fruits combining with a sweet aroma of summer blossoms to create freshness and joyful serenity, and to make every day a lively day. The Spring collection brings a floral aroma of blooming flowers to create relaxation, relieve daily stress and have a feeling like escaping from chaos to a flower field in a valley. The Winter collection contains refreshing and cool scents of rosemary and menthol, blending with a pleasant smell of winter flowers to create cooling and relaxing sentiment. The winter fragrance also has a touch of a chilly mountain when you inhaled aromatic herbs from the sachet.

This item not only reflects the lifestyle of Sood Sud users with aromatic herbs inside sachets designed for a limited edition, but also unveils a new innovation for the inhaler market with unique packages. Sood Sud’s target groups are mainly school and college students, who admire art works and love sharing their lifestyles. The item is now available in e-commerce platform Shopee: Sappe Official Store and online channels including Instagram: soodsud_offcial and Line: @sappeonline, at 69 baht a sachet.

The other amazing item is Limitless lozenges, awakening tablets which make your eyes open with super sour lemon combined with invigorating green tea extracts plus vitamin B6 and B12 to help nourish the regular function of the nerve and brain systems. Moreover, vitamin C also helps enhance immunity and makes you stay awake during intensive reading or watching series from streaming services. The Limitless lozenge is ready to join all activities both study and play as well as passion. The portable product is an easy to consume item, which suits the character of new generation, and considered a new innovation in the food product category which responds to consumers’ need as a trendsetter. Limitless is available at 29 baht a pack through e-commerce platform Shopee: Sappe Official Store, and online platforms such as Facebook: Limitless by SAPPE x Dek-D, Line: @sappeonline. SAPPE and Dek-D set a sales target of around 100 million baht for both items in the first year of distribution.


“The idea to create Limitless came from our desire to resolve pain point of drowse to allow the new generation to live their lives to the fullest with the concept of solving everything in one drop. It is another choice apart from coffee or energy drink. The lozenges are easy to carry and consume and are in a fashionable package alongside Sood Sud to create a relaxed mood when encountering stress. Limitless is ready to help students overcome all examinations as well as those who want to put all efforts to everything you do”, Ms. Piyajit said.