Sappe acquires M-Intel share to enhance business space amid digital transformation

Sappe acquires M-Intel share to enhance business space amid digital transformation

Sappe acquires M-Intel share to enhance business space amid digital transformation

Sappe PCL (SAPPE) announced its business partnership with M Intelligence Co., Ltd., a Thai startup company with an aim to become Asia-Pacific’s leading marketing technology advisor. M-Intel is capable of taking its customers to go through Digital Transformation with the potential equivalent to a global software platform. Under the agreement, Sappe holds 16.21% of M-Intel shares worth 70 million baht in the latest investment to increase competitiveness for the company amid global changes to Mega Trend.

Sappe Chief Executive Officer Ms. Piyajit Ruckariyapong said the company’s board approved the deal to buy shares in M-Intel on Nov. 11. The reason behind the decision to invest in M-Intel was the company’s expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), information analysis, and using digital technology to help increase sale volume, marketing and sale strategy in an all-inclusive service. M-Intel’s digital facilities also help elevate business operation and customer experience. Sappe currently holds 116,667 or 16.21% of M-Intel shares worth 70,000,200 baht. The investment fund will be spent on business expansion in the future and the acquisition is regarded as a new chapter for the company to invest in a new business category. The fresh partnership with M-Intel also reflects Sappe’s readiness to enter Digital Transformation, not only involving in technology usage but also increasing new space to enhance Sappe’s business from now.

M-Intel was established in 2018 to provide consulting service about marketing technology. The M-Intel team is proficient in applying solution features including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud for efficient usage of database and to design Deliver Customer Experience in the era that the world is disrupted by E-commerce, and all firms have to adjust their strategy to be Data Driven Marketing.

M-Intel is recognized as an experienced company in Data Transformation which has been receiving solid trust from a large number of clients who want to increase competitiveness. The young and skillful team will provide not only consulting but also one stop service, ranging from conducting a survey on business Pain Point for the clients to creating technology-based solutions applicable for the whole business.

In addition, M-Intel has partnered with leading companies, including Salesforce regarded as the world’s No.1 CRM company, and well-known software companies Tableau and Mulesoft. Giant communication platforms in Thailand, such as Line Business Connect and Pantip, are also among M-Intel’s notable partners. The company is committed to serving the clients to get maximum benefit and become winners in the digital business race.

M-Intel is recognized as a tech company and a new startup business in a technology industry category. The company is also listed in the top three of Salesforce service providers and is a copyright owner of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) package in Thailand. The company has a goal to become Asia’s leading consulting company in marketing technology in order to take the customers to go through Digital Transformation with an equivalent capacity to global software platforms amid the world’s current changes. M-Intel also aims at increasing competitive potential for business firms through strategic planning that suits particular firms, helping them to catch up with rapid changes of consumer behavior in the online community and social commerce. All services from M-Intel will be key factors for business growth. With its expertise, M-Intel has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past three years and is expected to continue in an average of 48% in the next five years. Sappe will also gain from the surging growth of its new partner.

“Both Sappe and M-Intel have a similar corporate culture that the new generation, aged between 25 and 32, is the driving force. They have a good understanding, keep up with rapid changes of the business world and prioritize the employees,” Ms. Piyajit said.

“All employees are encouraged to share their views and have the opportunity to present their work at the workplaces that promote learning. Our working model is fun and flexible but full of passion for the greatest achievement. The corporate culture of Sappe and M-Intel which matches the working lifestyle of the new generation has led to a complete synergy. Therefore, Sappe’s innovation DNA and M-Intel technology DNA will be synced and support each other in advancing towards the future,” she added.

The Sappe CEO also said the company has expanded its sale channels through E-Commerce since 2020, resulting in 160% growth. Although sale volume in the first nine months of 2021 was relatively small compared to 625% growth in the same period of the past year, the sales still reflected high capability.

The latest acquisition of M-Intel shares will not only help grow business by developing digital marketing and E-Commerce, but also elevating mutual knowledge in both innovation and technology. The partnership also marked a milestone for Sappe to hold shares in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) firm to foster and take the company into Data Driven Platform together.