SAPPE introduces All Coco x You&I Premium Suki Buffet as new dimension for health food lovers

SAPPE introduces All Coco x You&I Premium Suki Buffet as new dimension for health food lovers

SAPPE introduces All Coco x You&I Premium Suki Buffet as new dimension for health food lovers

Sappe Pcl (SAPPE) and its restaurant partner, You&I Premium Suki Buffet, presented a new dining experience with a special soup for health-conscious consumers. Pure coconut water from All Coco is the key ingredient for the unique soup, which targets health-loving consumers, who care for good eating. The special coconut soup is also aimed at expanding its market to customers, who are ready to pay for quality. The soup is available from January 28 onwards at all branches of You&I Premium Suki Buffet and delivery channels.

SAPPE Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Piyajit Ruckariyapong, said the company conducted surveys on consumers’ behavior and trend of marketing growth in coconut drinks and founded that the consumers, both in Thailand and overseas, prefer to drink coconut water continuously under a global heathy trend. As consumers want to stay healthy, coconut water meets their demand with various benefits, particularly refreshing and collagen boosting. Coconut water is a popular drink as it is rich with vitamins and minerals for physical strength but has low calories.

However, the product transportation faced a delay in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Several agricultural products, which rely on exports, were affected, and the prices dropped in some periods, especially coconut. As the main foreign markets for Thai coconut are China, the United States and Europe, the operators had to make adjustment by processing coconut to be new products to replace the original ones.

The SAPPE CEO added that the company saw an opportunity and creativity in presenting a new innovation from 100% Nam Hom coconut water, which could drink fresh, or use as ingredient in cooking. The coconut soup is popular in foreign countries with its sweetness and aroma, but the domestic consumption remains small as the cost is higher than regular soup. 

Pure coconut soup from All Coco is created as a healthy alternative with unique sweet taste of natural material. All Coco has prepared the marketing plan, including a special promotion, to attract new customers at You&I Premium Suki Buffet under their partnership. For the special offer, an order of the shabu buffet with coconut pork bone soup will get a bottle of All Coco’s Nam Hom coconut water and juicy coconut pudding. The promotion applies exclusively at two branches —The EmQuartier and Central Festival Eastville. For delivery, an order of hi-tech hotpot with coconut pork bone soup of at least 500 baht will receive one bottle of Nam Hom coconut water (exclusively limited items).

The selective coconut soup is available from January 28th at You&I branches at The EmQuartier and Central Festival Eastville as well as the restaurant’s delivery channels.

Chief Executive of All Coco Group, Mrs. Waraporn Manusrungsri, said All Coco customers are health and eating conscious people, who tend to consume the best products in the market. They are ready to pay more in order to get the best quality products. Although All Coco customers are a niche market with a small number compared to the majority, the company eyes an opportunity to expand its market to customers with similar behavior. Paying for quality without hesitation will allow customers to have various experiences in consuming coconut from All Coco through this collaboration.

“We want Nam Hom coconut soup to be a word-of-mouth menu. We want to add color to and spice up both grilled and shabu markets, or even the coconut water market. It starts form acknowledgement, leading to a try and telling the experience to other people. It will be the soup for daily consumption for shabu lovers and health-conscious people,” Mrs. Waraporn said.

All Coco branches still mainly operate at leading department stores in Bangkok. The company has adjusted its strategy of distribution and will expand both online platform and delivery channels. All Coco is recognized as a strong brand with loyal customers who keep asking, following and being ready to support the brand in all sale channels. Therefore, the direction of All Coco this year may not be branch expansion as the business has been affected by the pandemic. Foreign tourists cannot come to Thailand, while Thai customers have avoided visiting shopping malls. In this regard, the company will try to keep its customer base and quickly find new sale channels for new sources of income.