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We better people's

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Becoming the preferred and trusted global brand with dynamic innovative work place and passionate synergistic team of best talent working happily together to achieve 5 billion in 2017.


We better people's lives through our innovative spirit. 
We aim to be a great Thai model organization serving people who enjoy convenience and healthy lifestyle with awesome foods and beverages that amaze people.

Sappe Public Company Limited.

Our Humble Beginnings
In 1973, Mr. Anan Ruckariyapong and his wife Mrs. Somnuk Isoonpisansiri, a couple passionate about making dessert, bought a teeny tiny oven so they could bake cookies. They sold the cookies at various train stations and bus terminals. Using only quality ingredients, the cookies turned out delicious and many people loved them. Soon they started offering other treats as well. Under the brand “Piyajit” the business kept expanding. In 1988, Sapanan General Food Co., Ltd. was born in the Bang Chan industrial estate. In 2013, the company changed its name to SAPPE Public Company Limited as the company geared itself towards becoming an internationally recognized brand.

The company first ventured into the beverage industry in 2001, by introducing “Mogu Mogu”, a fruit juice with coconut jelly. It was the company’s first beverage product and was launched under the management of Mr. Adisak Ruckariyaphong (Kong), a second generation executive of the family business. The launch was only a small start to something big, as the company introduced the world’s first fruit juice with coconut jelly. Immediately “Mogu Mogu” created quite a stir in the industry and quickly became everyone’s favorite chewy fruit juice.

Success without Marketing
Following the success of “Mogu Mogu”, SAPPE created a buzz in the beverage industry again in 2006 by introducing a brand new health beverage known as the “SAPPE Beauti Drink”. The drink’s motto “Just Drink and Be Prettier” was in line with the demand of the Thai market which placed great importance on beauty. The innovative drink created a new category in the market, known as “Functional Drink”, increasing consumer awareness on healthy drinks.Word spread quickly that the beauty drink was able to make women prettier and slimmer. “SAPPE Beauti Drink” quickly took the top spot without any marketing. Over 52 million bottles of “SAPPE Beauti Drink” are sold every year making it the number one drink among consumers.

Attentive to Details From Production Until Delivery
In the early stages of production, we had a small marketing budget. We knew we had a long way to go before we could become a well-recognized brand, so we focused on every single detail of the production process. We wanted all our products to be known for their quality, knowing that quality will market itself. “SAPPE Beauti Drink” proved itself as consumers became happy with the results. We started to get repeat customers and the benefits of the drink quickly spread by word of mouth. For us, in order to produce a quality product, we must place the most importance on the quality of raw materials and ingredients. We are very meticulous about the materials and ingredients we use. They must be of high quality, chemical free, and most importantly safe for consumption. For example, the collagen that we use for our drinks is Grade A collagen extracted from deep sea fish from Japan. Japan is known for being one of the best sources of collagen. We use collagen of this caliber to ensure that our customers consume the maximum amount of nutrients.

The company also places importance on quality control, starting from sourcing to procurement, throughout the entire production process to meet set standards. In addition to quality control, our well trained human resource have also helped us obtain the following certification ISO 9001:2000, GMP Codex , HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER and Food and Drug Administration Thailand. These certifications indicate that we are committed to improving our products.

Innovative at Heart
Our innovative products are aimed at creating a unique experience to meet the demands of those in the market who want something different. Our creativity can be seen through our many products that have served as pioneers in their own category. We have a total of 6 brands: Mogu Mogu, SAPPE Beauti Drink, SAPPE For One Day, SAPPE Aloe Vera, St.Anna and Preaw (Preaw Coffee and Preaw Chlorophyll). Each brand has its own unique characteristics that were developed to cater to the demands of our consumers, making them popular.

Thai Brand Shines on the World Stage “ANUGA 2009” Wins “taste09” Award
“SAPPE Beauti Drink” won the “taste09” Innovative Award at ANUGA 2009, the world leading food fair and retail trade which were held in Germany. Over 7,000 food manufacturers from 97 countries worldwide participated in the event allowing them to meet buyers and importers from Europe and other regions. Over 150,000 people from 180 countries attended the fair, which hosted as many as 6,500 booths and was held over a 300,000 square meter venue. As the recipient of the “taste09” Innovative Award, SAPPE garnered international interest in Thailand’s food industry.

Moving Towards Becoming a Global Brand
Ever since our entry into the beverage industry, our products under the “Mogu Mogu” and “SAPPE” brands have satisfied both local and international consumers. We have two factories in Thailand, at the Bang Chan Industrial Estate and Lamlukka Klong 13. In addition, we own two other companies in Indonesia and Slovakia. People in Asia, the Middle East, America and Europe are able to enjoy our Thai owned product. We aim to become one of best organizations in Thailand that cater toon-the-go health conscious consumers. SAPPE Public Company Limited is committed to producing high quality health conscious products with great taste. We use state of the art machinery that meets international standards to manufacture our products. We are an environmentally friendly company that places importance on the wellbeing of our employees. Our employees continue to learn and hone their expertise in areas of product, research, logistics, and add value to the brand in order to constantly improve the variety of products offered. Our relaxed working atmosphere has molded a company culture that is happy and fun for our employees. We believe that if our employees enjoy their work then they will be able to excel, allowing us to move our company forward together.

Key Investment Highlights

1. No.1 women functional drink in Thailand
2. Leader in fruit juice in selected international markets
3. Wide coverage through partnership with local distributor
4. Strong brand through effective marketing campaigns
5. Unrivaled product development with innovative spirit
6. Exceptional growth in revenue & profit margin
7. World-class manufacturing facilities accredited by international regulatory agencies
8. Experienced management team with strong commitments to the Company
9. Solid business model as a strong foundation for international expansion


Registration of the paid-up capital on 13th July 2015

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Hazard analysis and critical control points or HACCP is a systematic to ensure you about the food safety. The HACCP system can be used at all stages of a food chain, from food production and preparation processes including packaging, distribution, etc.

Iso 9001

ISO 9001 is a standard of quality management systems, the 2000 version also demanded involvement by upper executives in order to integrate quality into the business system.


Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are the practices required in order to conform to guidelines provide requirements that a food product manufacturer must meet to assure that the products are of high quality and do not pose any risk to the consumer or public.


is a standard to ensure that Muslims are allowed to eat or drink under Islamic Shariʻah. The criteria specify both what foods are allowed, and how the food must be prepared.


is a logo to relate to the regulations of kashrut (Jewish dietary law), to ensure that the products are produced under the Jewish regulations.



A modern urban lifestyle, environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays and stress – all of these things can cause serious skin damage. Sappé Beauti Drink 8,000 mg & L-Carnitine en¬sures a balanced intestinal ?ora, whereby L-Carnitine also stimulates the metabolism to burn fat.

"taste09" INNOVATIVE AWARD  (Sappe Beauti Drink)
taste09 presents the top innovations of 
Anuga 2009. Our panel of experts has selected the most innovative products, able to set trends and to bring a new drive into the market. 

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